Black seed oil 100ml cold pressed From Organically grown Nigella sativa seeds


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Priddyfair Nutrition’s Nigella sativa oil is cold pressed once and then packaged in violet dark miron bottles-which is the best glass for preserving any type of food. This helps to keep the temperature down and the light out.

  • This high quality black seed oil can be used in your Cold dishes or taken straight from a spoon. Our Black Seed Oil is Slowly Cold pressed from Organic Black seed - Nigella sativa seeds and Packaged in the highest quality Ultraviolet dark Glass bottle which are best preserving method, keeping all light that can oxidise and degrade the oil unlike other packagings such as regular glass or even worse, plastic that will quickly make any cold pressed oil go rancid.
  • Black seed oil has MANY benefits. The bitter and pungent taste comes with its added advantages! Unfortunately due to the disappearance of bitters from the modern palate it has led to widespread problems with digestion and appetite control. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. This oil should not be heated as it is cold pressed. Our Organic Highest strength Black seed oil is as strong as Ethiopian black seed oil 
  • Nigella Sativa Oil is known to contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory Compounds. Our Black Seed Oil Contains 4.5%-6.6% thymoquinone content, the lab tests are in the images. If you require a medium potent oil, please consider our MEDIUM STRENGTH BLACK SEED OIL, The product has been third party lab tested for Pesticides (None found) and also tested for the volatile and thymoquinone content.
  • Our Black seed oil is Correctly first cold Pressed from fresh organic Black seed - Nigella Sativa seeds