Welcome to Priddyfair Nutrition

Priddyfair Nutrition specialise in selling natural health products and offering consultations and advice to individuals who desire a clear guide and a personal helping hand to leading a healthy lifestyle that suits them. We believe in bio-individuality ;that no set health plan fits all and we will therefore tailor a plan that fits you.

Priddyfair Nutrition was set up after realising that I could heal myself by changing the way I eat and adopting a healthier lifestyle. After battling eczema and allergies for many years and using countless prescriptions and steroids which only managed the symptoms temporarily, I started researching into natural alternatives which has given me the best results I have ever had. I steadily started to self heal and help other friends and family heal too whilst completing my certified nutrition/health coaching course. This has enabled me to help others lead a healthier and happier life.

Anyone incorporating a healthy lifestyle should have nutritious foods and healthy and natural products in their household.

In the current global health threat that we face, we need the best resources to keep our immune system strong and our bodies healthy enough to face it.

Anyway you have come to the right destination if you are looking to buy a few things to help you on your way to natural living or need a healthy eating plan or tips for self healing your body of illnesses naturally.