Chebe Butter 120g : Traditionally Made with 100% Raw Shea Butter & Natural Oils with Chebe Powder


Our Chebe butter is made from high quality chebe powder sourced from Chad. If hair needs some tender loving care, you should definitely give this butter a try. It is absolutely made with love and care and high quality ingredients. The nourishment properties are amazing. It contains virgin organic oils to complement the extraordinary properties of chebe powder. INGREDIENTS: Chebe powder, Karkar Oil, Raw Shea Butter and proceeded to add other fantastic oils that grow the hair long and strong to the mix such like Avocado Oil, Neem Oil, Carrots Oil, Ginger Oil, Moringa Oil. We then whipped this to perfection you will love it. Hair breakage and shedding is greatly reduced by using this awesome butter. This lovely butter will melt your hair problems away. Ps: This is an Introductory price, the price may not be there for long, buy now.